Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Foundation

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee Foundation (SPMF) has emerged as a forum which facilitates the convergence of ideas, cultures and visions of the bengali community in Vadodara and works to strengthen the intra-community culture and preserve her unity and integrity and contribute towards the progress and integral development.

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Our Mission

Build a Kaalibari

Collaboratively, We wish to transform this mission into reality

Connecting Bengalis

We wish to create an inclusive community for Bengalis and invite their participation in cultural activities

Fostering Culture

We wish to promote a vibrant Bengali Society in Vadodara through Competitive Collaboration

A Sector 8 Foundation

No Dividends for Promoters

Faster Decision Making

Amendment approval not required from commissioners

Promoters cannot step down from foundation

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Amazing Team

Take a closer look into our amazing team. We won’t bite.

Asim Chandra

Chinmay Bhattacharya

Ashok Gupta

Dr Subroto Das

Dr Sushmita Das

Aloke Kumar Chattoraj

Vinay Roy

Arunava Das

When you're the underdog, your only option is to make #waves if you want to succeed. How much
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